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Have a photo set you need help editing or culling down to a reasonable amount? Sometimes the best thing you can do when sitting on a photo set for too long is to have a fresh pair of eyes view and edit them. When starting out, proper workflow and consistency in editing wedding or portrait sets was difficult for me, which is why I want to help others. In this class we will cover the basics of skin tone, sharpening, brushes, exporting and presets.

Class “One on One Editing”  will help craft your style and consistency with editing, and it will be solely based on you and your photos. Once your One on One Editing class is booked you will be able to send me up to 25 RAW photos. We will then go through them together in Lightroom and I’ll show you how I’d edit them while describing the steps I take.EDITTING ON ON ONE Class Options                                                                                                  Purchase5