FAQ For Photographers

Q. What camera do you use?
A. I shoot with a Canon 5D III, it’s the perfect body for any portrait or wedding situations. It’s amazing in low light and has a fast focusing system.

Q. Im just getting into photography, what body should I buy?
A. Whats your budget? Buy what you can afford! Canon’s Rebel bodies can be very cheap on Ebay or Craigslist. 

Q. What’s the best wedding lens?
A. I love Canon’s 35L 50L and 85L for weddings, all very expensive lenses, but Canon makes cheaper 50mm and 85mms that work just as well!

Q. What lenses do you mainly shoot with and why?
A. Canon’s 35 1.4L is an amazing all around lens for weddings. It can achieve sharp shallow DOF photos. I also love the 50 1.2L and 85 1.2L. Both lenses shot wide open produce stunning photos and are tack sharp.

Q. I want to start shooting weddings, how can I get into that field of work?
A. Start by second shooting for local photographers, this is the best way to gain knowledge while building a portfolio.

Q. Do you offer workshops?
A. Not currently, but keep an eye out for 2015 😉

Q. How do your images look so sharp and crisp, yet shallow DOF?
A. This is a combination of gear and knowledge of light and the lenses I use.


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