Frequently Asked Photo Questions


Q. Do you deliver every wedding photo?
A. No, I usually pick around 600-800 of the best images for a standard 7-12 hour day.
Q. How many engagement images do you deliver?
A. Depends on time, but typically around 60 per hour

Q. Do you do destination weddings?
A. Yes! Especially if its somewhere warm 😉 Contact me for a quote on your specific destination wedding.
Q. Do you shoot in JPEG or RAW? 
A. All Raw images (much better)
Q. What is you photography style?
A. I love capturing genuine laughter and expressions. I rarely ever ask my clients to smile because it can look far too fake! Instead I’ll direct and catch them in a real moment that’s much more moving and meaningful to the viewer. I do pose some of my wedding, family and bridal party photos.
Q. My venue is really dark, can you handle that?
A. Absolutely, with such advancements in cameras, they can literally see better in the dark than us. If the venue permits (most do) I can set up a few flashes around the venue to create my own light that will show case the venue and couple perfectly.
Q. Do you edit every photo you deliver? 
A. Yes, every photo gets edited by me. This can include color correction, light adjustments, cropping, straightening, and so on.
Q. Will you be photographing my wedding?
A. YES! Always my wife and I.
Q. How many hours do you suggest we set aside for photos?
A. This can all be discussed at our first meeting, but I always suggest around 1-2 hours. You can never have “too much time” always plan to be about 30 minutes behind schedule.
Q. Should we do a “first look” before our ceremony?
A. This is totally your call, It is however much easier to get all the photos done before the ceremony so you can go straight to the reception after and mingle. 

Q. Do you mind if other friends/photographers shoot during our wedding?
A. Of course! I will say that I have had several ruined shots because of uncle Bob poking out in the isle or during family portraits. So as a general rule of thumb, just make sure they are aware of where we are shooting!

Q. How long does it take to get our images of the wedding?
A. I like to give myself enough time to work on every image, and therefore need around 2-4 weeks.

Q. All your wedding packages include a “USB drive with hi-res images” can you elaborate?
A. Oh yes! This is something I have always offered as a standard option in my wedding packages. It’s 2018 and every bride wants all her images! With the USB drive you can print any of them that you’d like on your own time. Image files range from 6-14MB and are high resolution.