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When I was starting out as a photographer, there were several photos I had taken that to my eyes looked perfect. When in reality, and with a few years experience, I now see the many mistakes I had made. In my head the lighting or composition may have been perfect, but I was forgetting about the most important part, the subject. The hardest part about getting honest critiques, is they must be from someone who is not your family or friend. I will be offering the following two classes.

Class “One on One”  will take place through a program called WebEx. During this session I will be able to show you my screen, as well as see yours. This session is great because you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about situations your may be struggling with.  I’ll then be able to talk your through steps that you can take to improve your photos and workflow.

Class “Video Review” will be simply me viewing your website/portfolio and making a screen capture talking about your portfolio and all of the topics listed above. This session is great for those who may be limited on time or cash. Once I review your portfolio, I’ll upload it online to a private link where you can then watch and download it. Each video review time will vary, but will be at least 15 mins.


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