Where are you based and do you travel?

We are located in Salem Oregon, but love to travel for weddings and frequent California, Washington and surrounding areas.

How do you photograph weddings?

We love to approach every wedding the same. If you view our weddings you will see many similarities. We want each couple to have an idea of what they can expect for their wedding. No matter the location, time of day, or schedule for that matter. Our approach is more of a documentary style with posed portraits when necessary.

How do we see a full set from you?

Great question! You may have noticed all our wedding, engagement, and family sets are big! Thats on purpose, I uploaded all the full sets that the client received. Not just the "best" shots. We really think it's important you see exactly what the whole day looks like. The last thing you want to do is higher someone that shows you their best shots only!

When will we get our photos?

We usually take 3-5 weeks to deliver your online gallery, and 5-8 weeks to deliver printed photos with our custom boxes.

Which photographer will be shooting our wedding/family/engagement shoot?

David and Katharine are a husband wife team and shoot together. We do not employ any outside photographers. This insures consistency.

How many pictures will we receive?

We usually deliver 600-850 edited images. Every wedding is pretty similar in terms of amount of photos delivered. We may take 2000 but always cull our sets down to a more reasonable number.

Who edits our images?

David edits all of our images. That includes weddings, engagements, family, and portraits.

Which cameras do you shoot with?

We both shoot Canon 5D IV bodies with all Canon L series lenses. Most notably, David shoots about 75% of a wedding day with his Canon 50L 1.2. Katharine shoots about 90% of the day with a Canon 85L 1.4. Other lenses used are Canon 35L 1.4 and a Canon 100L 2.8.

Do you shoot natural light only?

Yes, we only shoot natural light, without reflectors or devices that get in the way of capturing moments. Light is very important to me, no matter the time of day or weather, we can find good light.

What if you memory card fails!?

Knock on wood... This has never happened, David takes the utmost care in regards to memory management. Both our camera bodies shoot onto 2 separate cards simultaneously. Once the wedding is over, I will take one set of cards and carry it in a water proof case attached to my belt. The other cards stay in the camera. Once home they get uploaded onto a HD and backed up to a offsite HD. We really like backups :)

Do you shoot in RAW? JPEG?

We only shoot RAW, and deliver in full res JPEG.

Your galleries load slow!

Be patient! We upload our full sets so you can see what they look like, this means longer load times :)

Our venue is really dark!

No problem! Lucky for us, cameras can see better than humans in the dark. We will approach this scenario differently depending on how dark it is. In most cases we will rely on slower shutter speeds, higher iso, and wide open aperture to let in the most light. In most cases we can get away with a beautiful image that may exhibit a little grain, but usually falls in line with our style of editing.

Do you edit every image?

Simply put, yes! Edits might be minor but to keep with consistency of color and lighting, every photo is edited.

What if I loose my images?

Your gallery will be online for you to download your photos whenever you would like!

Do you shoot film?

We do not! Only digital, we love film and try to emulate it while editing. But don't trust it for important shoots like weddings. There are too many variables with film.